Wilfred N. Cooper Sr.

Co-founder & Director

Wilfred N. Cooper Sr., is co-founder and Director of the Cooper Housing Institute. He is also the Chairman Emeritus of WNC, a company he founded in 1971, which specializes in the investment and development of affordable rental housing properties. Mr. Cooper, who has testified before Congress regarding low-income housing tax credits, is a life director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a national trustee of NAHB’s Political Action Committee. He is a life trustee of the National Housing Conference, a cofounder and director emeritus of the California Housing Consortium and a member of the U.S. Vets Housing Taskforce committee.

Additionally, Mr. Cooper has been inducted into the Hall of Fame at the California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF). Mr. Cooper is the recipient of the CHF Lifetime Achievement Award, the NAHB Robert J. Corletta Award and the David Reznick Lifetime Achievement Award for his achievements in the industry. Mr. Cooper earned a bachelor of arts from Pomona College.