Combatting Homelessness with Affordable Housing


Homelessness has been a growing concern in the US, and with the current COVID-19 pandemic adding pressure to an already difficult situation, it is now more important than ever to ensure that this vulnerable population has access to decent, affordable housing.

In 2019, there were an estimated 567,715 people experiencing homelessness in the United States, with that tally seeing a disproportionate increase over the past two years.1 The pandemic has made it even harder for homeless people to access basic necessities that most people take for granted including basic health needs such as food, public restrooms and hand washing. The CDC orders to stay at home are not feasible for people experiencing homelessness, putting them more at risk for health concerns in addition to COVID-19. The shelter-in-place orders have negatively impacted the homeless community because the public areas which many rely on to maintain their hygiene, such as gyms, have closed. This combined with the fact that they do not have their own homes to shelter in place means the homelessness population are extremely vulnerable to infection on top of other health risks.

Senator Scott Weiner believes that, “Other than water, food, air and childbirth, nothing is more fundamental than having a place to live.”2 Housing is essential yet the number of affordable housing units remains less than satisfactory. The large homelessness population is due in part to the unreasonably high cost of living prices. The lack of affordable housing combined with the limited availability of housing assistance programs means that many people are unable to afford housing in the U.S. While there are plenty of expensive single-family homes available, there are few options for low-income individuals and families.

Millions of families, senior citizens and veterans are struggling to keep a roof over their head while rent prices continue to surge.

The homelessness crisis has only worsened as the lack of employment opportunities increases. Since the number of people experiencing homelessness continues to worsen, it is imperative that we make affordable housing a priority in order to ensure everyone has a decent standard of living and access to the basic necessities.

Housing is imperative to live a healthy and happy life and is a basic necessity to have an adequate standard of living. Every community is impacted when there are those experiencing homeless in the U.S. It is now more important than ever to offer affordable housing to individuals and families across the country in order to ensure access to greater opportunity. We must work together to create a future where everyone has the ability to obtain affordable housing so that families, senior citizens and veterans no longer struggle to keep a roof over their head.

At CHI, we hope to create a future where everyone in the US is able to obtain affordable and decent housing in order to have a decent standard of living. Our passion can be seen in our efforts to bring the issue of affordable housing to the forefront when working across public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our knowledge and experience help us determine where the most impact can be made to aid in the increase of health and happiness of individuals and families. CHI supports affordable housing and strives to create an increase in living standards by supporting research and programs that address affordability and homelessness.

Devon Cooper |